Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some days...

Some days...

  • I want to be a kid again, where someone else is responsible for the bills and grocery shopping and laundry
  • I want to be 25 again and trust my gut (and my friends) when they question whether or not I should get married to husband #1 - turns out I knew I knew better and I paid the price many times over for my stubbornness
  • I wish I knew that having a baby was going to be this hard and waiting until 40 to start fertility treatments would be awful, frustrating and heartbreaking
  • I wish I had learned to budget and not spending money on random crap that I am now either donating or selling for a fraction of what I spent - it would be money I could use for fertility treatments
  • I wish I would have been able to start a relationship with my precious RC earlier in my life.  My marriage to him is such a blessing and it would have been awesome to be his wife a few years earlier.
  • I want magical cleaning powers to organize, clean out and throw away the items that still need to be gone through in my childhood home to get it ready to sell.  It's just overwhelming
  • I wish there was indeed a way to lose weight and get in shape and still enjoy cooking and eating and not have to sweat like a crazy person.
  • I wish I had the Better Homes and Gardens yard that I would love to sit in and enjoy the nature around me.  A yard without weeds, bugs and no green pool full of frogs...ahhh...it would be so nice.
  • I dream of a world where there is no sorrow, no grief and no heartache. I would love to protect the ones I love from ever experiencing loss and pain.
  • I long to be more disciplined in most areas of my life.  Journaling, prayer time, exercise, house cleaning...to name a few.
  • I wish I could pack in our travel trailer and see the country.  Just set out and go for the fun of it.  Who needs a job, right? Oh wait. Yeah - I guess we'd have to fund it somehow.
  • I would love to have the knack for extreme couponing, or at least extreme enough to get laundry detergent, razors, shampoo and conditioner...things that are ridiculously overpriced to begin with.
  • I wish I had paid more attention to my mom and her sewing skills.  I would love to be able to take a pattern and craft an outfit of my own.  Clothes are expensive! And plus size clothes are even MORE expensive!
I won't wish my life away, and I am grateful for what God has chosen to bless my life with.  I know that some days are better than others.  So let's make today a good one!

Hugs and Love from SC,

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