Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Monday Thoughts...

This past weekend was pretty uneventful as far as most of my weekends go. Sunday was the busiest day, no suprise there, but all in all it ended up being a nice relaxing couple of days.

I am gearing up for a pretty crazy week, with something going on every single night...YUCK! However, tonight is our first discussion of the "Crazy Love" book by Francis Chan at our women's meeting at church. You can check it out here I am looking very much forward to this discussion and reading through this's looks really good so far!

I'm praying for my friend Randy, who is in Peru on a missions trip until the 17th - this is the latest in his many trips...he's actually a pretty amazing person. So if you read this and feel so inclined... Pray away...they could always use more prayer warriors!

Didn't have Boundaries study last night due to some conflicts, illness and some out of town I'll have to read ahead this week...God is moving and changing me through this study...I highly recommend it to should check it out. Yeah YOU!...seriously - you won't be sorry.

Pool was closed today, signifying the real end of summer around here, except that the weather apparently didn't get the memo that it's October 11th because it's in the upper 80's all week this week.

The Lord is teaching me new things everyday and showing me that if I will be obedient, He will direct my paths, even in the small stuff. I really long for a deeper relationship with Him and I feel like I may actually be taking the steps in that direction that have been a LONG time coming. I can't ever remember not believing in God or thinking I would go to heaven if something should ever happen to me, but I do feel that now, at age 36 (well almost 37, but who's counting, right?) I am finally digging deep and trying to listen and follow the way I've learned and known about all along. That's not to say I've not been serving Him over the years, because I most certainly have, but as far as being faithful, honoring and exalting THE King of Kings...I find myself wondering what in the world was I thinking with some of the decisions I've made over the years. Prayer and bible study time don't come as natural as I would like, so I have to make mental notes to remind myself throughout the day, but I hope with time that will give way to being second nature like I know it should be.

Well that's some pretty random stuff there, but there you have it. Praying for all who have passed by this post and for those in my life who need prayers whether they admit it or not. Blessings :)

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