Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year and Blessed Beginnings

Well, December came and went and I only got one post done...with wedding planning and just holiday madness, there was simply no time.  I was living life and enjoying my engagement.  It's January now and no letting up in sight.  We have hit the ground running and are managing two households and work and meetings and church and on and on.

But I am so stinking happy I just don't even have the words to type here.  God has so richly blessed me with the sweetest, kindest, gentlest husband I could have EVER imagined.  I really don't even know how our marriage could be better at this point.  I know the day will come when we disagree or bicker, but I have such a peace in my heart about RC's unconditional love for me, I say 'bring it on'.  Making up will be fun too right??? ;-)

2012 will bring about a great deal of change for me and in many ways, some things will never be the same already.  I have taken a step back from my responsibilities at my church and we are attending RC's church when we are at his house on the weekends.  I have mixed emotions about not playing and singing with the praise team...I miss the time with the team for sure, but I know that this season of my life is dedicated to being a wife and helpmate to RC and bringing our households together.  I know God will lead, guide and direct me to where I should be serving in the future.  I am praying to not be anxious about any of it and just let Him lead.  While I am glad that others have stepped up to serve in my place at CCH, it is bittersweet since my whole life for many years revolved around my service and volunteer time at church.  I know that there will be new opportunities to serve at RC's church as time permits, and I am thankful for the welcoming arms of new friends and people I'm meeting in the area.  God's plan for me is yet unfolding, but very exciting!

I have married into a wonderful family and am so blessed with loving inlaws and friends!  This group shot was taken on the island in the lake where we were married.  The weather was perfect, the reception was exactly how we planned it and the honeymoon was more than I could have ever dreamed of.  I hope to get back to blogging more regularly soon and keep everyone updated on the craziness that is my life!  Blessings to you all, S :)

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