Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Memos

Good Monday morning and Happy Labor Day!  I hope you are at home enjoying the holiday with your family and not headed off to work today!  Which is kinda ironic isn't - celebrating Labor Day with a day off?  I haven't had enough coffee to debate that this morning, but I'll enjoy having my hubby home today for sure!

We had a busy Saturday this weekend with me headed off to an early softball tournament with one of my Nannie kids and then an afternoon funeral for the wife of my first pastor from long ago and hanging out with my inlaws a bit.  Here is Karcen doing her thing on the ball field - she is quite the athlete and I'm so glad I finally got to see her play!


The interesting thing about marrying a man you knew as a child and your inlaws being family friends from waaaay back in the day - is things kinda come full circle at events like anniversary parties and funerals.  My parents have been gone almost 20 years, but for the last 2 weekends, I've been surrounded by their friends from 30 plus years ago and it's really quite neat.  There was even a picture of my mom on the slideshow of pictures at the funeral I attended - an unexpected blessing.  I have hugged the necks of folks I haven't seen in decades and reminisced about the good ol' days and it's just good for my heart.  I am more blessed than I can say with the opportunity to still come across families that knew my parents, loved them and are happy to share a memory of them that will forever be dear to me!

I don't have a Meatless Monday meal planned for today, because quite frankly, I don't have anything planned for supper and I'm kinda hoping my hubby is going to take me out tonight!

Here's Monday's Music from Hillsong - "I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground"  - that's just good stuff right there.
And finally Not Me Monday musings for you...
I haven't had to bite my tongue and not respond to about a dozen Facebook posts this week that simply aren't my business but I seriously want to say "seriously?!?!?!" Nope, Not Me!  I don't have a sore on my tongue from making sure I don't make inappropriate responses, Nope, Not Me!
I haven't had a cold for almost a week with a dang cough that is making me nuts and almost causing me to bring a change of clothes with me everywhere for fear of wetting my pants in a coughing fit - No, that hasn't happened to me and I certainly wouldn't blog about it! Nope, Not me!
I haven't spent time in my chicken coop talking to my flock of six about getting the egg laying starting, because why would I do such a thing?  That's certainly not a sane thing to do and surely won't make any difference at all and would cause others in my life to say "umm, honey, do you need to see someone about that?"  Nope, not this chicken mama!
There is no way I have broccoli, beans and herbs to plant for fall crops that are slowly but surely wasting away because I haven't had time to get them in the ground...actually I've had time, but this dang cold has had me up all night, grumpy and just not in the mood for anything.  But I wouldn't waste money like that, nope not me!
I certainly didn't get up in the middle of the night over the weekend and realize the power was out and tiptoe around my house waiting for some kind of home invasion to happen thinking things like "I wonder if the bad guys cut our power and are hiding the shadows waiting to get me" and "what is that noise/shadow over there and how can I protect myself"  I don't watch tv shows and movies that put crazy thoughts in my head or have an overactive imagination about stuff like that and for sure wouldn't admit that on my blog, causing concern of folks passing by here of whether I should be taking medication for that kind of stuff...nope, certainly not me. 
Have a great Monday everyone!

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