Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Ramblings

I had two interesting conversations, one with a church friend and one with RC last night and both are still rolling around in my head this morning after not the greatest night of sleep I've ever had.  It's been a busy week and I'm looking forward to the weekend and spending some time with RC (of course) and just taking a breath.  Hard to believe that we are going to celebrate another 5th birthday in my daycare group this weekend as well...when they come as babies it seems like kindergarten is so far away, but then you blink and there it is.  While it's bittersweet to lose another sweet child to school, it's a great feeling to have had five years to (hopefully) make an impression on the child and their family.  God has been so good to me!

Back to the conversations...both ironically were overall about the same thing and the recurring theme of my blog posts recently.  Change. And new opportunities.  And being aware of time limitations and priorities.  Peru is in 6 short weeks and I am getting excited, nervous and maybe a little bit scared of feeling prepared, being at peace and trusting the Lord to put the right words in my mouth and guide me along every step of the way.  Which I know He will.  I just have to get out of the way.

RC and I have talked off and on about the changes the future will hold for us together.  And some of them are pretty big.  Okay, some of them are REALLY big.  But oddly enough, most days I'm not overly concerned about them.  I have such a peace about the Lord's hand in our relationship and all the prayers that have been offered up by us and for us.  I am trying my darnedest (is that a word? hmm, well, if not, it's gonna be for right now) to submit to the Lord and trust Him to lead, guide and direct us.  He loves me more than I can imagine and put RC and I together at a place in our lives where we can truly appreciate each other and learn from some of the mistakes and life lessons from our past and enjoy a loving, God filled relationship while trusting in God to iron out the details.  I still worry sometimes about the details, of course, and I don't want to make mistakes in this relationship, although I know I will, but I am so happy, so excited and so full of peace - it's overshadowing the doubts and concerns by a landslide!  I am also trusting RC to lead as I know he can and will, if I will acknowledge the Lord's desire in his heart to be a loving, caring mate to me and submit to that.  And I am actually looking forward to that.  I have prayed so long for a loving, Christian man in my's just amazing what God has done to bless me!

Well I've rambled on for a bit, and do feel better about getting some of those feelings out, so I'm gonna stop.  And enjoy my Friday...and I pray all those who pass by here will as well!


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