Wednesday, April 13, 2011


There will be no 'topic' for this post because it's pure randomness, is...and I'm just going to list the randomness as follows...for the sake of getting it out and then moving on.

  1. This week is super crazy busy and I don't have even one night at home
  2. I have already had Vietnamese food, listened to jazz music and watched 'Key Largo' at the museum and that was just two evenings worth of fun
  3. Tonight I am eating dinner with someone I haven't seen in a while and I'm super excited
  4. This weekend is our Easter drama at church and we have like a bazillion practices between now and Sunday...okay not that many, but it sure feels like it
  5. I am super pumped about my haircut on Saturday because a) my hair definitely needs to be cut and b) it's time for some spring highlights to lighten things up around here and cover up some grey natural highlights. :)
  6. I am suprisingly at peace about a situation that has been stressing me out lately - and that's got to be God's doing!
  7. I am SO ready to go to the campground for Easter REALLY ready!
  8. I have been really focused on taking some pictures lately of food, fun and just random things and I am so thankful for the renewed feelings of my love for all things photography!
  9. I have tried some really great food in the last month or so and I'm so looking forward to continuing the trend and sharing some of my new favs with some friends soon!
  10. I am really loving Yelp! and I got chosen as a top yelper (in case you didn't read the previous post...check it out here
  11. I have the bestest friend in the world...seriously! and you can't have her!  She puts up with my babbling on and on and on (well, you get the idea) and I can't even imagine one day without her!
  12. Naptime today was a big ol' fat mess with two crying kids, one non napping toddler and frazzled tired nerves...whew!
  13. My favorite moment of the day....while riding home from mother's morning out today, Haila, one of my daycare kids, had to ride in the front seat with me since I had so many kids today (airbag turned off - don't worry)'s the conversation between me and Haila (4 yrs old) Me: Haila, put your feet down in front of you - if we have a crash you are going to fly right out of that booster seat  Haila: (without missing a beat) Nannie, I have an about let 's not have a crash............yep I think that might be a good idea...thanks for suggesting it :)
  14. I don't have a #14, but I didn't want to stop with 13, so there ya go...blessings, S

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