Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Changes, Redirection and Readjustments

I am a creature of habit.  Seriously.  I really kinda hate change.  I like the concept of it, but the actuality of relearning or readjusting something I am used to, especially if I like it, just aggravates me.  My job, which I love usually, is making me kinda nuts these days.  Not the kids, they are cute as ever, the boys are taking over and I'm just trying to keep them from tearing the house down.  In the past year and a half I have had more changes in families than in all of my 14 years of home child care and it is just not fun!  Beginning in the winter of 2009, some of my long time families have gone in different directions for many varying reasons, causing me to be more fluid and ready to redirect in terms of those I am caring for.  And I don't do that well.  I understand that layoffs happen, jobs get transferred and family needs shift.  I just feel like I'm in a whirlwind and can't figure out which way is up and when in the world it's going to stop. 

Right now, I have one family who has been been gone for over a year and still owes me money,  one family with the mom on temporary layoff, one family who's first day is next Monday, one family who's last day is next Tuesday and four days over a two day rotation that I need to fill with a part time family that I haven't found yet.  Head spinning yet? Yeah, mine too.  I have some figurin' to do as my grandmother would say. 

2011 is a year I am determined to get on a positive path for my life professionally and personally as well.  Setbacks like I've had recently make me wonder if God is trying to gently nudge me in a different direction and I'm just missing the memo!  My personal life has been a little weird for a while...dating at 37, well, it's just not fun, at least not for me.  I miss the good ol' days when my whole life was ahead of me and if I spent six months (or two years) with someone who ended up being a goober, then no big deal...I feel like the clock is ticking...and I really just want to have someone to spend my life with.  I have come to grips with many things in my life that may not turn out like I want them to, but being alone is certainly not one of them.

So, change is happening, whether I want it to or not.  So I've got to adjust and get ready for the newest chapter in my life.  I am praying that I can make a difference in the world around me this year, so if that means being a little flexible, then I'll just have to work on that.

Happy Tuesday All,

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  1. Hi there...just saw your link on Blog Frog under MckMama's community. Wish you were in Texas...I would love for you tot keep my little girl. I have read a couple of your posts and I can really relate to you!