Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Random Wednesday

I didn't prepare a post for today, because I've been crazy busy this week and working on a link up post for Thursday with my sister over at Much Ado About Jenny - be sure to stop by tomorrow to check it out! My chickens have been devouring watermelon and blueberries in an attempt to help keep them cooled off during this ridiculously hot weather we have been having.  My husband has been asking "can" he have some of their watermelon every time I cut one up - and of course, he can - it is people food for heaven's sake!   This picture makes me laugh because it reminds me of an container that my momma wrote "do not eat from this container" on the top of because my dad would eat cantaloupe right out of it and it drove her crazy.  Just a happy random memory that made me smile!  See y'all tomorrow!

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