Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

ONE:  When I am writing a blog post - this meme keeps coming to mind.  However, it's my little slice of life, and I've decided that you know what?  It's okay if every post isn't funny, insightful and read by 1000 people - I am blessed beyond belief, have many funny moments in my week and I'm just going to keep on writing! 

TWO:  The family I am being a Nannie for this summer lives in a neighborhood that has this pool.  It has a full waterslide and has been predominately uncrowded because school had not gotten out yet (the kids I am watching are home-schooled).  This week that all changes.  So I'll be trying to keep up with 3 kids amidst the gazillion to flock here for summertime fun. Yay me.  Or, you know, not.  #needeyesinthebackofmyhead

THREE: Well, whaddya know - I've been looking at the dang thing all wrong for all of these years!  That explains a LOT! Now somebody pass me a Krispy Kreme Hot n Now, 'cause we all know at 41, this ol' gal is NOT getting any taller.

FOUR: I really don't love the word "stupid" (unless it's Forrest Gump saying it, 'cause then it's cute) but this meme accurately portrays my Facebook wall about 75% of the time.  I'm a 41 year old woman and I have been involved, caused my share and gossiped about drama - I won't deny it, lie about it or pretend I haven't.  HOWEVER...it's time, we as grown ups decide that enough is enough.  Don't air your dirty drawers online - most people don't care - and if you have an issue with someone, PLEASE for the love of all things NON dramatic - talk to them, don't vaquebook about it and hope they see it!
FIVE:  I won't even apoligize for another chicken picture because I am so excited they like another treat beside mealworms FINALLY. Behold - the watermelon attack! They ate it all the way down to the green rind - LOVE it!
SIX:  I have a gem of a husband - seriously.  I snuck this picture out the back door Sunday afternoon of him just sitting and watching our flock while they scratched in the playpen...just because.  It makes my heart smile and while it may seem silly or trivial to some - a man who loves my two dogs and will sit and watch 9 week old chickens...I am so glad he's mine!
SEVEN: I need some summer shows to watch on Hulu or Amazon Prime.  If anyone reading this has recommendations - I'm all ears.
EIGHT:  Life is short.  Live without drama, love each other.  You never know when your last day with a loved one will be.
NINE: I really want to make these coconut crack bar.  Because. Coconut + No bake...how could you not want these?
TEN:  If I ever have a little girl - I imagine that she'll be a lot like this child in this video - sassy, silly and loving attention!  Hysterical!
Have a great Tuesday folks,

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  1. I have watched this video a dozen times already and the video was played on The Early Show this morning too! Hi-Larious! And so that's my problem with the BMI measurements---now it all makes sense!